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Welcome to our simple website about UK trees. Here we look at the more popular trees in the UK and trace their history and origins. We start with the mighty Oak and the humble Beech ending with lesser known trees like the Hornbeam and the Alder. We have carefully researched all of the trees on this webiste and are available to answer any "tree" questions you may have by email questions@treesoniline.org.uk


The mighty Oak

Of all our forest trees the Oak is undoubtedly the king. It is our most important tree, the monarch of our woods, full of noble dignity and grandeur in the summer sunshine, strong to endure the buffeting of the wintry gales. It lives to the great age of seven hundred years or more, and is a true father of the forest. We read of the Oak tree in the story books of long ago. More on Oaks.

The Humble Beech

In the south of England there lived a holy hermit named St. Leonard whose but was surrounded by a glade of noble Beech trees. The saint loved the beautiful trees, but by day he could not sit under their shady branches because of the vipers which swarmed about the roots, and by night the songs of many nightingales disturbed his rest. More on Beeches.

And One Last Thing - the Birch

“Sweet bird of the meadow, soft be thy nest, Thy mother will wake thee at morn from thy rest: She has made a soft nest, little redbreast, for thee, of the leaves of the birch, and the moss of the tree. “ - ¬†Leyden.